The Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBiS) – hereinafter referred as IBIS – is constituted as a  research institute as foreseen in the Royal Decree 339/2004, of 27th of February, being participated by the Andalusian Regional Ministry for Innovation, Science and Enterprise, the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health, the Spanish National Research Council, the University of Seville and the Andalusian Health Service, having these entities a common interest in fostering collaboration and cooperation and in joining efforts in the field of health research.

IBIS is a multidisciplinary biomedical research centre, located in the campus of the Hospital Virgen del Rocio – hereinafter referred as HUVR – with the aim to undertake high quality and competitive research at international level on the most prevalent diseases and the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Gestión de la Investigación en Salud de Sevilla – hereinafter referred as FISEVI – is the managing body appointed by the Executive Council of IBIS. FISEVI is a non-profit organization belonging to the Public Sector of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia which asset is addressed to training activities, scientific research and technological development in Health related Sciences.

FISEVI aims at the promotion of high-level biomedical research in Andalusia, as well as the development of innovations in health related technologies, training and management of health research. According to the Article 5 of its Statutes, FISEVI is allowed to undertake as many activities directly or indirectly addressed to the consecution of its aims.

As such, FISEVI, with the financial support from the H2020 SELNET (Sarcoma European Latinamerican Network) publishes the present job offer.

SELNET research project receives support from the European Commission (Research Executive Agency) under grant agreement n° 825806 – resources from H2020 Framework Programme.


A.- Objective of the offer.-

The objective of the present offer is to select a candidate that fulfills the requirements needed to participate in “Sarcoma European Latinamerican Network (SELNET)”, whose Principal Investigator is Javier Martin Broto, to be developed at the Oncology Department (sarcoma team)/ Group of advanced therapies and biomarkers in oncology at the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville – Hospital Virgen del Rocío of Seville.

B.- Position offer.-

  1. Contract Modality: Temporary (according to Estatuto de Trabajadores and/or Ley de la Ciencia)
  2. Professional Group: research support specialist technician – Position: research support specialist technician
  3. Foreseen start date: 20/02/2019
  4. Duration: one year
  5. Working time: full time
  6. Annual gross salary: in accordance with the candidate assets, 1.999,20 € gross monthly (base salary plus the proportional part of extra pay)

C.- Responsabilities.-

The candidate will actively participate in the day-to-day activities and scientific coordination of the Project SELNET as member of the Coordinating team, especifically in following activities:

  • Monitoring the compliance of tasks, milestones and deliverables according to the Description of Work, both for the IBiS-HUVR Group and for the entire European consortium.
  • Support the scientific coordination team in the preparation of reports on the activity of the project.
  • Actively organize and participate in the meetings and teleconferences of the different government instruments of the project (General Assembly / Scientific Advisory Board / Steering Committee / WorkPackage leaders / Project Management Team / Innovation Unit among other).
  • Disseminate the results of the project: writing of scientific contributions, development of training materials, management of social networks and support for the organization of project events (meetings, workshops, etc.)
  • Support the organization of events related to the Project (meetings/workshops)
  • Collaborate in monitoring the economic execution of the project, with the European project office of FISEVI (including coordination/preparation/development of audits) and supporting the collaborating entities for the consolidation of the financial reports.
    • Monthly register of time-sheets for the HUVR-IBiS Research Group
    • Control of costs charged to the Project
    • Preparation of the documentation for audit purposes
    • Organize the preparation of the interim reports
    • Organize the preparation of internal reports

Las solicitudes podrán presentarse, antes de las 14:00 horas del día 17 de Febrero  de 2019